July has been an excellent month! It all got off to a beautiful start with a trip to Spain. A much needed break at the time involving stunning sunsets, splashing in the sea and getting cross with the sand (it just gets everywhere!) Oh and getting my ass kicked at Scrabble and Jenga was good too. There were a few extremely cute kittens and cats around to top it off and take the edge off missing my own cat back home which was nice.

I have a lot of ideas buzzing around in my brain at the moment so it was a very timely break away from Cherry Essentials HQ. Different surroundings can be just what you need for inspiration and planning can’t they? So, a bit of time outside of my lab-office gave me ample opportunity to think about the new products I want to get launched in the next few months (new products you say? Oh yes!) as well as some pivotal events where I’m keen to exhibit.

I needed peace and tranquillity to plan my route into said product launches and event calendar.  It turns out a short holiday is a really good strategy for getting thoughts and notions straight in your mind. (Shocker. I know).

Sunrise in Villajoyosa, Spain

This is actually a sunrise not a sunset but still, WOW

Jenga, games, holiday, Spain,

Losing at Jenga haha

Kittens living with their mummy safely behind a wall

Beautiful cat resident at favourite local bar

Luna with Hamlet The Beanbag Flannel Pig on her head

A Happy Reunion

Back home with Luna the Puss Puss (who wanted me to put Hamlet The Beanbag Flannel Pig on her head, because she’s weird and likes to have things on her head), it was time to get to work on these ideas of mine! As well as preparing for the next Cherry Essentials event…Sneinton Vegan Market!

cat, Luna, black cat, cats, pet, animal, animals

Always lovely to go away but always lovely to get home and see your pets!

Preparation Time

The market was on July 20th and I needed to brew a few batches of products, pronto. Namely, my Relaxing Neck and Shoulder Rub and Focus, of my On-The-Go-Body Oils, essential oil roll-on range. I enjoy making all my products, (which I suppose is obvious really because why would anyone set up a business making things they hated making haha). ANYWAY, I particularly enjoy making the Neck and Shoulder Rub because it was my first product in the range and its aroma is my favourite blend EVER. Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Sandalwood to be precise. It. Is. DELIGHTFUL. Here’s a little bit of info about how I create each batch:

Firstly, I weigh out the ingredients which include:

Then the ingredients are carefully heated to their melting points and blended…

Once the main ingredients are melted together, I add the exquisitely measured essential oils for fragrance and aromatherapeutic benefits. These are whisked into the mix once it has ever so slightly begun to set at a very particular point. Too soon and the delicate properties of the essential oils are compromised, or will simply evaporate from overheating. When this step is complete, the mix can be poured into its containers and left at freezing temperature to cool and set. Leave it too long however, and it will be too late to pour, cool and set the mix, which is crucial to avoid the shea butter content causing the product to become grainy.

Me, Cherry, and my brand, Cherry Essentials

Me, Cherry, and my brand, Cherry Essentials (just before it started relentlessly raining)

With products at the ready, I set up for Sneinton Vegan Market. It was a great day! Despite the heavens opening and a merciless downpour, I met myriad marvellous people and relished sharing my products with the local community. It was surprising really, having lived in Nottingham City Centre for eleven years, just how much you could argue a mini Camden, Sneinton has become. Long-disputed socioeconomic factors aside, it is truly an open minded and down to earth venue for green and ethical brands to be valued.

Sneinton Vegan Market, Cherry Essentials and I will be back soon!

Cherry Essentials presents...

Table cloth logistical issues hahaha

In the pipeline…

I’m currently working on a few recipes, launches of which to be confirmed…

A cleanser and toner duo, with a rose water and witch hazel base. Possibly to be blended with tea tree and rose essential oil. Apple cider vinegar is incredible for balancing the complexion and battling acne, pimples, spots and breakouts, as is much similar for tea tree oil. Witch hazel is a known astringent, meaning it helps to tone and tighten the skin. The benefits of rose are, well, endless really. It is famous for its anti-ageing properties and for reducing redness as well as moisturising dry skin.

Deoderant (bar?), I’m thinking it needs to be a bar, for ease of application. There are other eco-deos out there at the moment in a kind of scoop-it-out-of-the-jar type format, which I’m sensing isn’t practical and could put people off from making the switch from high street roll ons and aerosols. Bars are good because you can just pick one up and roll it over the skin, easy! Also, it negates the requirement for any kind of packaging. I’m thinking of retailing reusable aluminium tins to go with these so the product can be carried around and kept airtight, thus preserving the ingredients for a longer shelf life.

Other ideas on the horizon include shampoo and conditioner bars, sunscreen, body/face scrub and a second variety of lip balm.

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are and what kind of product you would like to see joining the Cherry Essentials range!

In the meantime, much love and I hope you’re enjoying your Summer x

Until next time!

Cherry of Cherry Essentials

Love from Cherry x