About Cherry Essentials 

Here you will find 100% vegan skincare and aromatherapy products, handcrafted with organic ingredients, by me, Cherry, at my home in Derbyshire. Inspired by ancient wisdom, my product range makes use of a plethora of plant species, with notorious health and immunity boosting properties. Each product is carefully blended with responsibly sourced ingredients from sustainable, ethical and organic locations.  All the plant-derived oils, butters and other ingredients I use are either certified organic, wild harvested or at least unsprayed. That’s why you won’t find any harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives or additives (parabens), nor any products distilled from petroleum (mineral oils) in any Cherry Essentials product.

Cherry says…

Our bodies absorb what we use on them and, on average, women apply 168 chemicals to their skin every day with little knowledge of the damaging impact such substances can have. If you’re already eating healthily and are aware of your body, then you’re more than ready to make the decision to stop using beauty products packed with synthetic chemicals. Whether you’re looking for vegan, organic or paraben-free skincare, there are plenty of choices for you at Cherry Essentials.

I understand that what goes onto skin goes into skin. This is why all my products are handmade using 100% naturally derived and organic ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective.

As a living organ your skin responds to authentic and natural ingredients in the same way the rest of your body does. If you feed your body junk food it will look and feel unhappy; your skin is no different.

My Story

Do what you love, they say…

I found myself pondering in the garden one day. Not only about my affinity for flowers and plants but about how I’ve always loved applying lotions, creams, oils and butters with dreamy scents which mirror the wonderful smells from the garden. As a kid, I remember going out into our garden with big ideas of making a perfume with squashed petals or anything that smelled good that I could get my hands on. This involved gathering all kinds of “ingredients”, mixing them up, hiding the concoction in my plastic cooker and then weeks later, my poor mother finding the source of “that awful stench”. I remember how I was always climbing trees, creating dens, feeling my connection to nature, the outdoors is my favourite place.

In my teens I discovered essential oils and how certain blends can invoke particular memories or moods. You know when you smell something and it triggers a memory, a mood or an emotion? Hence I became interested in aromatherapy and massage, visiting therapists when possible.

Approaching 20 years old, considering myself somewhat of an activist for every environmental cause going, I began to learn about the possibility that some high street skincare brands were pushing unsafe synthetics and even some dangerous ingredients our way.  Why would anyone risk putting that on their face? In fact, from I was young to this day, I suffer eczema, allergies and sensitivities, to so many products containing ingredients that my skin is simply too sensitive to cope with. This is why I began to develop a bit of an obsession with avoiding certain ingredients.

I simply made the decision to stop using beauty products made with synthetic chemicals and began creating my own simple moisturisers and creams, using only natural oils and butters that are safe, gentle and can be sourced sustainably. This began in the garage with lots of experimenting and eventually, after much positive feedback on my creations, I decided to go into business, to share my products with those outside of my friends and family who would also benefit from an affordable, vegan and organic skincare range. Cherry Essentials is now a growing business, making and selling a range of skincare with 100% natural and organic ingredients that are truly effective and eco-friendly. All products are handcrafted in Cherry’s workshop in Derbyshire.

Every product has been blended with responsibly sourced ingredients from sustainable, ethical and (wherever possible) organic locations.  All the plant-derived oils used at Cherry Essentials are either certified organic, wild harvested or at least unsprayed. Just to be clear, I will say it again, there are no harsh chemicals or synthetic preservatives or additives (parabens), nor any products distilled from petroleum (mineral oils) in any Cherry Essential product. Do look at our product section for more information on each one of our beautiful products.

Ethical Ingredients and Eco-Friendly

I’m very passionate about what I do and I’m constantly researching ingredients to ensure the utmost quality and develop the range further. Also, all my products are tested on human volunteers and ostensibly suitable for even the most sensitive skin types out there.

Cherry Essentials products are made with respect for the Earth. Ingredients are ethically sourced and where possible I support fair trade co-operatives and regeneration projects which provide assistance and stability to farmers and their local communities. I am dedicated to sourcing my ingredients responsibly and I want to help raise awareness about some of the unethical ingredients found in beauty products.


What is Important To Me

  • Never have and never will test on animals but instead make use of willing human volunteers.
  • All ingredients are of plant based origin and never ever animal derivatives.
  • Continuingly striving to optimise the use of materials that are natural, renewable and not harmful to the environment.
  • There have never been and never will be harmful substances (for example; parabens, phthalates or MIT) in my products.
  • All my products are 100% free of microbeads.
  • Packaging that is recyclable and where possible biodegradable.
  • Built on moral and ethical values. Strict compliance is required before selecting suppliers. Forced labour or child labour simply would not be condoned or associated with. My suppliers treat their employees with respect and dignity.

My Ethos

Life should be fulfilling and empowering. The best way to get there? Through consistent everyday decisions. Mindful choices have a dramatic effect on your happiness and well-being. Cherry Essentials is passionate about helping you to take small steps, every day, towards a more balanced life. Essential oils provide a simple and natural way to get there. With these potent resources, millions of people support their health and enhance their homes through the pure power of nature.