Luxuriously fragrant and relaxing products, blended for lifting your own and your partner’s spirits, relaxing, and stimulating your senses.  These absolute treats contain enchanting blends of essential oils making them the perfect component to a sensual wind-down and as part of your bedtime routine.

Made with all-natural ingredients to soothe and calm the senses, because the little moments matter.


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You needn’t be a trained professional to give an effective back rub…


  • Find a stable, hard surface in your home and have your loved one lay down with their face towards the floor. You don’t necessarily need a professional massage table. Any sturdy surface will do, as long it’s comfortable.
  • Remember to lay down towels, blankets and other types of soft material to increase comfort during the massage.
  • Warm a bit of product in your hands. Begin by lightly spreading the oil evenly across the back. Creating figure of eight motions, try to cover a large area. Gradually increase the pressure that you’re applying and continue.
  • Gently move into a gliding travelling up the back, to the shoulder and down the back again. Use your own body weight to add additional pressure. Keep to smooth and fluid motions without ever removing your hands from your patient’s back.
  • To go deeper with each gliding stroke, you can gently use your knuckles. Ensure not to press on bone structures especially like the spine or shoulder blades too hard, obviously this would hurt.
  • Apply more pressure to the muscles along each side of the spine.
  • The shoulders are one area of the body where a surprisingly large amount of tension is held, ensure pressure is applied here as well. Grabbing the upper shoulder muscles and applying varying amounts of pressure, depending on the comfort level of the person in question, is very tension relieving.
  • Return to the initial figure eight stroke to conclude the massage.