With many good reasons to look after your hands why not show them you care?

Maybe you work in an office; typing all day. Or perhaps you’re gardening outside, doing chores inside or you’ve just done the big weekly shop and are loaded with bags. Whatever you get up to, your hands rarely get the TLC they need. The skin on our hands is surprisingly delicate. They don’t have many oil producing glands and this results in palms and fingers needing a little extra love! They have to cope with exposure to the weather and the general toll taken by our daily routines.

Regular moisturing is a great place to start to get into the habit of treating our hands with the care they need. Also, various weather conditions can really dry out of our skin, particularly our hands, so protecting them from the elements is a good idea. Wearing gloves in Winter helps our skin to retain its moisture and stay soft until Summer! Suns rays can be equally damaging to our hands so it’s important we remember to wear suncream on our hands as well as our body.

If you get a few minutes, a hand massage is a fabulous way to relax and care for your hands.

Using the massage bar, work it across the palms, fingers, knuckles and wrists. Unwind, on the go, even if only for a moment.

Massage the product into the skin using sure, firm or “comfortable” movements. You’re aiming to cover as much area as possible with each movement. Use your thumb to gently circle around the wrist, topside and bottom.

For the palms, use your thumb again and work in circular motions. This time the focus ends up on the muscles in the thumb. You’d be surprised how good this feels as this muscle is often very overworked.

Lastly, you can massage the fingers from the base up to the tips. Finish each finger with a little pull as this helps stretch and relax the finger muscles. Ensure to release gently and glide away from the end without too much force.

Whenever you can, don’t forget to take a few minutes to give yourself a hand massage. It’s a great way of alleviating anxieties and daily stress and tensions.


Foot Care

On average, each individual walks more or less four miles per day. Considering our feet are in constant use, a little time taken to tend to your feet can help to keep them on top form all year round.

Our feet do a lot for us and there are a few tips to bear in mind to take extra special care of them (and a handful of luxury products designed especially). A few simple steps could just make all the difference.


A quick exfoliation each day in the shower will remove the rough skin and make your feet soft and smooth.

Foot Soak

When you’re in the shower or bath, a quick wash with your choice shower gel keeps germs and bacteria in check and leaves your feet smelling good too. When you have time for it, the best treat for your feet is a nice long soak in warm soapy water. Enjoying a foot soak can help to relieve tiredness and calms the skin.


Make sure you take the time to dry your feet after a bath or shower because failing to do so can encourage bacterial growth or fungal infection.


Whether or not you think they need it,  your feet will always benefit from a nourishing foot lotion.


Tired feet? A gentle massage helps to regulate circulation and eliminates tensions. Why not try a massage bar, the natural oils and butters will help your hands too! Glide the bar smoothly over the skin, see how it conditions the feet just as well as anywhere else? Keeping them supple and moisturised is important.


When we think of “putting our feet up” we often assume it means to take a break. However, taken literally, it’s not something we do not do enough. Next time you sit down with a cuppa, make sure you elevate your feet and take the weight off them.