Rose hydrosol


Luxuriously scented, 100% rose hydrosol. Steam distilled from fresh petals of the Damask Rose.


Rose Hydrosol

Rose hydrosol has some amazing powers and has subsequently been used across cultures around the world for thousands of years. The Romans were the first to identify and document the healing powers within the rose for more than 30 ailments. The famous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, who was believed at the time to be the most beautiful woman of her time, was said to have often used rose water for its healing and beautifying qualities (read more: Roses for Royals). Even Shakespeare wrote about Cleopatra’s affinity for rose water in Anthony and Cleopatra. He describes how her cedar wood ships were scented with it and apparently “the very winds were lovesick” (Shakespeare). Additionally, it is said Michelangelo recognised the benefits and used to drink authentic rose distillate with his daily cups of tea.

This hydrosol is highly recommended, not only because of its luxurious scent but also due to its innumerable health benefits.

Aroma is just like fresh roses, so it’s simply divine any time of day.

Taste is very strong undiluted but when diluted the taste is delicate, ethereal and delicious.


Ingredients: rosa damascene, aqua




Therapeutic and Energetic Uses:

  • Hormone/endocrine system balancer
  • Combats PMS, cramps, & moodiness
  • Humectant, great for dry, mature, sensitive, devitalized skin, use as a cleanser and toner for excellent results.
  • Cooling, mildly antiseptic
  • Stress, insomnia
  • Has an affinity for the heart, promotes balance and aids in emotional processing
  • Try in beverages, desserts or champagne


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