HAMANTRA cleanser/toner with witch hazel & tea tree


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Break outs?

If your skin is getting you down, it’s because you haven’t tried Hamantra yet.  Say goodbye to bacteria-clogged pores because Hamantra combines powerful Tea Tree essential oil with our in-house distilled Witch Hazel.

The tannins which are abundant in Witch Hazel are powerful anti-oxidant free radical fighters. Together with tea tree oil our skin is better equipped to defend against pollutants and toxins. These can cause degenerative harm to our skin cells.

Use Hamantra as a daily defensive treatment as part of your normal routine and be amazed with the results.

Tea Tree essential oil is your next skin miracle!
  • It’s native to Australia, where over 300 species of tea trees grow in the wild.
  • Aboriginal tribes in Australia have known about the tea tree’s healing qualities for thousands of years. They used the boiled leaves of the tea tree to make tea and antiseptic dressings that treated cuts, wounds, and skin infections.
  • One legend describes a magical lagoonwhere the tribes’ people bathed to heal their burns, cuts, and skin disorders. Tea trees surrounded the pool, and the leaves that had fallen created a natural healing bath. Luckily, Tea Tree oil is now widely available so you don’t have to travel all the way to Australia to get the benefits of it!
  • Tea tree oil boasts so many anti-viral and anti-fungal advantages that the Australian army puts it in soldiers’ first aid kits because you can use it in a variety of ways, especially for healing your skin.
  • It’s an excellent treatment for acne but without the negative side effects associated with conventional skin treatments like redness and peeling.It can also be used to treat minor wounds, encourage healing, and prevent infection.



  • Wash your face as you usually would.
  • Shake the bottle well.
  • Take one cotton pad and spray a couple of times a small amount onto it.
  • Apply it on your skin or just on the acne affected areas.
  • It can be left on the skin but for the more sensitive skin types it is recommended to keep it on for 10 minutes and then rinse of your skin with cold water.


Ingredients: Witch Hazel (hamamelis virginiana), tea tree essential oil (melaleuca alternifolia), alcohol (small amount to preserve).




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