COCO SATSUYA coconut body oil with orange & vanilla


Versatile coconut oil, (one of nature’s best moisturisers of course) is blended with orange essential oil and vanilla-infused apricot kernel oil. The  oils leave skin and hair feeling pampered while the power of sweet orange and vanilla help you to relax.

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The power of coconut oil is not to be underestimated…

We have been using coconut oil as one of nature’s most nourishing treats for our skin, hair and nails for centuries. Why? Simply because it’s the superhero of hydration. It creates texture for your hair and can be used to moisturise the skin.

Coco Satsuya is a weightless, versatile coconut oil based blend which provides smoothing for all hair (and skin!) types. Use it on damp hair as a nourishing and smoothing treatment and styling aid, or on dry hair as a weightless finisher for softness and shine. We love it as a leave-in treatment because it’s just so kind to skin and hair. It’s probably the best we’ve ever tried as it leaves hair with such a manageable, smooth, shiny finish.

Orange and Vanilla?

We chose vanilla for this blend due to its pleasantly warming and comforting properties. It is also our own vanilla oil tincture made using apricot kernel oil. (We prefer this method as it eliminates any need to use alcohol in our creams). Sweet orange oil has also been blended as it pairs marvelously with vanilla. Orange essential oil is highly valued in aromatherapy due to its sleep-inducing or sedative effect, which is particularly calming for children.

Nowadays, we know that vanilla possesses anti-inflammatory properties and it can be used to soothe and calm inflamed or problem skin. It is also is a great source of natural antioxidants. Throughout history, vanilla was used to help heal wounds.


Face, Hands & Body Moisturiser Directions: Melt some of the mixture in your hands and massage it into your skin. Especially luxurious after a bath and before bed because the heat from your body allows the essential oils to evaporate quicker.

Anti Frizz & Moisture Boost Hair Serum Directions: Blow dry and style your hair as normal then take just under a pea sized amount and melt it in your hands. Smooth the serum onto your hair focussing on the ends and layers. Try to avoid your roots especially if hair is a lighter colour because it can make it look greasy.

Enjoy a brilliant shine boost ready for your night out!


Ingredients: cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, prunus armeniaca (apricot kernel) oil, citrus sinensis (orange) peel oil, vanilla planifolia (vanilla) fruit extract, limonene, citral.



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