Interesting fact

In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, the coconut palm is known as kalpa vriksha. This means ‘tree which gives all that is necessary for living’ because nearly all its parts can be used. I.e. the shell, flesh, water, milk, sugar and oil.


It gives incredible hydration and creates voluminous texture to hair and it’s just a brilliant moisturiser for skin as well.

We have been using coconut oil as one of nature’s most nourishing treats for our skin, hair and nails for centuries. Why? Simply because it’s the superhero of hydration. It creates texture for your hair and can be used to moisturise the skin.

Also, the antibacterial properties of coconut oil protect the skin from potential pathogens. More importantly, it can reduce the risk of bacterial infections worsening acne…

…and it smells like cookies!

Use these solid oils as melt-on moisturisers, nail strengtheners, hair serum or leave-in conditioner! (Coconut oil melts on the skin as soon as you apply it, without leaving any kind of residues. It easily seeps into the skin pores, moisturising deeply and thoroughly). Twin coconut-based skin and hair care products that remedy dry skin, dry or dull hair and help to protect our finger nails and cuticles throughout the colder months.

Use it on damp hair as a nourishing and smoothing treatment and styling aid, or on dry hair as a weightless finisher for softness and shine. We love them as a leave-in treatment because they’re just so kind to skin and hair. They’re probably the best we’ve ever tried as they leave hair with such a manageable, smooth, shiny finish!

Meet Coco Kula! Banana and coconut oil – smells amazing, produces amazing results.

Banana is a known hair and skin beauty miracle worker as it is rich in natural oils, vitamins, potassium and carbohydrates. It helps to soften the hair and protects its natural elasticity. It’s the perfect ingredient for preventing split ends and breakage. If that wasn’t enough then banana can control dandruff, encourages hair growth and gives the hair a natural shine!

Did you know?

Banana will also nourish and revitalise dry skin as well as smooth rough and aging skin (see Banamasté Overnight Body Lotion).

Relax a little with Coco Satsuya! Enjoy the calming effect of sweet orange essential oil…

…which is highly valued in aromatherapy due to its sleep-inducing or sedative effect – particularly noticeable in children! Combined with the warm and comforting aroma of coconut Coco Satsuya is a weightless, versatile coconut oil based blend which moisturises skin and hair. We chose vanilla for this blend due to its pleasantly warming and comforting properties.

Did you know?

Vanilla possesses anti-inflammatory properties and it can be used to soothe and calm inflamed or problem skin. (See all products made with vanilla).

Face, Hands & Body Moisturiser Directions: Melt some of the mixture in your hands and massage it into your skin. Especially luxurious after a bath and before bed because the heat from your body allows the essential oils to evaporate quicker.

Anti Frizz & Moisture Boost Hair Serum Directions: Use it on damp hair as a nourishing and smoothing treatment and styling aid, or on dry hair as a weightless finisher for softness and shine. Blow dry and style your hair as normal then take just under a pea sized amount and melt it in your hands. Smooth the serum onto your hair focussing on the ends and layers. Try to avoid your roots especially if hair is a lighter colour because it can make it look greasy.


Enjoy a brilliant shine boost ready for your night out!


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