I have always believed that there are two types of feeling beautiful: inwardly and outwardly. I also believe that they share somewhat of a co-dependent bond, that showing care to the outer can help to heal the inner and vice versa. And furthermore, that if I work at them, pay them attention, I can improve my experience of them. It became important to me that I develop a range of holistic skin care products with stimulating powers, attributed not only to their carefully-developed recipes but also the manner in which they are applied.

“I try to practice mindfulness in all my daily routines but especially when I’m moisturising. The focus is on my physical self and its experience of being thoroughly moisturised. This demonstration of self-care exercises my feeling of outer beauty which has an effect on my feeling of inner beauty. It’s never been just moisturising, for me it’s self-care and compassion”

With a few simple techniques and some awesome products you can enjoy all the benefits of a professional massage in the comfort of your own home or on the go when it suits you. Self-massage increases our vibrancy and advocates soft and healthy skin. Its detoxifying, energising and balancing effects uphold the principles we associate with being young, such as resilience, joy, and vitality. It’s important to nurture yourself and self-massage is an effective act of self-care and compassion. By taking 10 minutes each morning for this practice, you’ll turn off your inner chatter and find yourself feeling more content and better equipped for the day ahead. To find out how visit the Mindfulness home page.


Can’t wait to get on with your journey to a mindful beauty routine?

Try this simple routine in the morning for a strong start to your day or just before bed to get ready for a good night’s sleep:
  • Massage some oil or lotion into the skin across your entire body, beginning at your fingers and working toward the top of your body and then from the neck and shoulders down to the middle and then down your legs and all the way to your toes.
  • Massage the chest in broad, circular motions.
  • Use long strokes on the limbs and circular strokes on the joints.
  • Massage the abdomen by following the path of the large intestine and in clockwise motions, working your way up on the right hand side, then across and down on the left hand side.


Whenever you want to know more about self-massage, mindfulness and the products lending themselves to the practice, you’ll always be welcome at the Mindfulness home page. 


Nourish and love yourself with massage

A centuries-old practice, massage has been used in a variety of traditional cultural settings as a method of strengthening well-being and increasing a general lust for life. Traditional Ayurvedic oil massage, is recommended for everyone, from infants to older people. Both the oil and physical action of massage, show care to our bodies and provide a sense of nurturing, grounding, and nourishment as nutrients and water do for the roots of a tree.

• Softens and strengthens the skin
• Encourages skins immune protective functions
• Nourishes the body with vitamins
• Contributes to a better sleeping pattern
• Skin is hydrated
• Tones and invigorates the tissues of the body
• Stimulates the vital organs of the body and increases circulation


“So many times I’ve rushed through moisturising and forgotten to take stock of myself and then wondered why my day got off to a less than great start.”