Using essential oils during meditation and mindfulness practice enhances the process of grounding you and facilitates a sense of calm.



I love to apply essential oils just before I meditate or practise yoga but I’m known for keeping them in my bag for whenever I find a mindful moment. On the bus, at my desk, whenever I need to take a minute to just, be. Not only do the curious aromas give me a sensory focal point but the thought of the essential oils soaking into my skin, getting into my bloodstream and working their therapeutic properties, reminds me that it’s important than I am taking this time to care for myself.


  • Apply the one of your choosing to the wrists, temples, behind the ears and the soles of your feet. Using circular motions, make 5 rotations clockwise and 5 anti-clockwise.
  • Enjoy the relaxing aromas; breathe in and out slowly and deeply. Watch yourself breathe. Notice how you breathe. Notice how your body feels.
  • Whatever position you’re in, standing or sitting, notice your posture. Adjust your spine so that your back is straight, you’re feeling alert and relaxed but not stiff or uncomfortable.
  • Don’t attach to any thoughts you have, just notice each thought and let them go. Breathing naturally but slowly and deeply.
  • Become aware of any part of your body where the muscles haven’t yet loosened and release the tension in that area.
  • Bring your attention back to your breathing.
  • Feel where breathing happens across your body.
  • Enable yourself to drift into a relaxed focus as you observe the sensation of each inhale and exhale.
  • If you see that your mind has wandered (which it may frequently do), accept whatever thoughts or feelings you experience with open curiosity, and then let them go.
  • Continue bringing your focus back to your breathing for as long you’d like.

It’s easier than ever to apply essential oil blends to our bodies with Cherry Essentials’ On-The-Go Body Oils.

Enjoy the aromas and take this time for yourself. Focusing and training your thoughts and reactions will lead to greater mindfulness and a happier you.

Spirit, is made with Sandalwood and Patchouli which are considered good for grounding. It also contains Frankincense which is said to encourage enlightenment and a spiritual connection, with the powers that be.

Other essential oils like Orange and Lavender found in Earth, possess natural sedative properties and can enhance the relaxed state required for meditation.

Never leave the house without Focus. That’s my rule! Peppermint and Jasmine work together to keep you grounded in the present moment while Rosemary and Clary Sage promote clear and effective thought patterns.

The oils chosen for Trauma, have been shown to be effective with symptoms of PTSD and trauma, and work together to help you take control of your anxious thinking, caused by traumatic events. Ylang Ylang is valued for its anti-depressant properties as is Rose essential oil. This combination of precious aromas and their powers help you find the most successful way to recognise and work through your difficulties. When traumatic experiences strike, this blend can help you to process them, so they don’t overwhelm you.

When the world around seems to be running away with itself, enjoy a moment of calm with Serenity. Create a peaceful, renewing escape. The choice components in Serenity can help you work wonders with those manic moments, depression, anxiety, and hysteria. With its relaxing and calming effect it can also be a stimulant and tonic depending on the situation.