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This week I attended a gong bath (also known as gong meditation) because with my busy mind, I’m more than curious about all the ways to practice being mindful! Off I went with my sleeping bag, blanket and pillow (’cause that’s what you do, you sort of lie down as if going to sleep). I got there, went into the room upstairs at the Elephant Rooms where it was being held that evening. There were yoga mats spread in an almost-circle around Julia’s arrangement of gongs (which all looked very bright and impressive, I thought). After everyone had finished sorting their blankets and pillows over their selected yoga mat, we settled down. Julia gave us a lovely introduction of herself, and about what to expect, we put our eye masks on, and then she began.

How does it work?

The vibrational energy produced with the sounds of the gongs possesses powerfully therapeutic and healing properties. Gongs have been used for centuries in this manner, they’re like ancient sound therapy tools. Still to this day helping to quiet the mind, bring about stillness and clarity and allow the body to deeply relax. It’s considered a therapeutic activity because you could say it’s like pushing your reset button. Letting your thoughts and mind chatter go isn’t always easy and attending a gong bath can give you that sensory distraction or envelopment that your focus needs in order for you to allow your thoughts to be ignored and yourself whisked away. In such a deeply relaxed state, pathways to repressed feelings and emotions, stresses and grief can begin to open. And from there we can begin to process and release them. It can be a bit of a roller coaster for some people for this reason, as the release and experience of strong emotions can be quite sudden and/or heavy.

Coming out of the gong bath, I couldn’t believe it had been an hour. It was like I’d time travelled! I think I floated home! Julia had said the effects of a gong bath can last for up to 3 days which I was happy remembering because I felt great. I was definitely more relaxed than I’d been in ages.

Here you can see the boat from a little distance away, and the pod-to-be on the top.

The mooring is completely private, nobody else lives around there, only lots of otters, birds and fish it would seem. Every time I go I think what a dreamy place to be able to be, it really recharges my batteries. It’s nature being nurturing, the surroundings, all of it, just what the doctor ordered every time.

For some reason spending time living off grid is really great for the soul #solarpower

Nature is nurturing…

Another treat for me this week was when I went to visit a friend and her mum on her mum’s house boat. I’ve visited a few times over the years and every time I go I get excited because it’s so novel to sleep on water in such beautiful surroundings. Just to see the boat is awesome, it’s slightly under double the width of a traditional narrow boat as well twice the length, it’s absolutely massive! My mate’s mum has decorated it magnificently on the inside, it’s such a relaxing space. Said friend is going to be living on the roof of the boat soon too! They are building a pod on top of the boat for her to live in. It’s going to be fantastic when it’s finished towards the end of Summer this year.

Here you can see the size of the boat in comparison to the length of the pod to be. You can see the walls and a door have already been built in place.

What’s new with Cherry Essentials this week?

I visited The Elephant Rooms again this week, and I’ve revamped their display. Have a look at the gallery below, I added the little A-card price thingies and I think they’ve made a world of difference to overall ease of browsing and they make the categories (face, body etc) seem more obvious which is great when you’ve got tiny products!

The Elephant Rooms, of Draycott Derbyshire, is a lovely health and wellbeing centre and now has my whole range of organic and vegan skincare and aromatherapy products available there, with all fresh new stock with all new label designs, including testers for each product, ready for you to pop in and sample over a nice cuppa and a bit of you-time! Click on the elephant to visit The Elephant Rooms’ Facebook page where you can get information on natural therapies, workshops, and classes.

Bread and Butterflies

On Friday I ventured back over to Nottingham to visit Bread and Butterflies. I know I promised I’d let you know know how good the cake was and I can honestly tell you, it was incredible, but I can’t show you! It was such good cake that I’d have possibly tried to eat my phone if I’d tried to use it take a picture with.

Oh and there was a cookie actually, a really nice cookie, and both cookie and cake were vegan too!


Anyway enough about food (caaaaaaaake). Ahem. I’d brought the monthly restock with me so I set about arranging the new arrivals onto the shelves within the existing display: