OK so maybe I’m a little late blogging about this (or anything for that matter) but hey! I’m here doing it now! So the Unlimited Wellbeing Show 2019 took place on May 12th at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena and it was pretty awesome.
I was there to showcase my entire range of products and network with a bunch of interesting people. I’m amazed the visitors got round it all in a day! There was so much going on. Yoga classes, loads of stalls and people doing some hella inspiring talks up on the stage. You could even stop and have a massage.

Here I am, chuffed to bits with my fairy lights shortly after setting up.

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My Product of The Day! Richly Hydrating Shea Nut Body Butter with Orange and Vanilla

Product of The Day

Imagine I have a little trophy to give to one of my products for its popularity and performance on the day. I would most certainly give it to my Richly Hydrating Shea Nut Body Butter with Orange and Vanilla. That’s not to say all of my products weren’t popular but the sheer amount of people that were thrilled to find a product just like this, was astounding. I designed this product to suit all skin types but particularly those with dry and sensitive skin. It’s so gentle, babies can use it. Well, their Mums can use it on them, I don’t recommend babies try and put it on themselves for obvious reasons. It’s made with nature’s miracle worker, shea nut butter as well as orange essential oil. It also includes my own homemade blend of vanilla and apricot kernel oil. Apricot kernel oil is renowned for being gentle enough for even hypoallergenic skin types. Plus, orange oil helps to induce sleep and relaxation.

Fun with Friends

A couple of friends and I were exhibiting right by one another. This made the day even better because who doesn’t love working with their mates! My friend Vic was there, of Energy Ball Recipes who makes the most delectably edible vegan energy ball kits. Yes! You get to make them yourself! Another pal, Elin, of Wellness Lab Ltd who produces a range of sports and health products was there too. Her products contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients and are designed to be added to your favourite drinks and meals.

Chocolate Plant Protein by Wellness Lab Ltd

Chocolate Plant Protein by Wellness Lab Ltd

Elin of Wellness Lab Ltd, Vic of Energy Ball Recipes and me, Cherry of Cherry Essentials

Left to right: Elin of Wellness Lab Ltd, Vic of Energy Ball Recipes and me, Cherry of Cherry Essentials

Cacao Protein Balls by Energy Ball Recipes

Authentic Dried Rose Heads by Cherry Essentials

Replenishing Facial Oil with Rose, Argan and Vitamin E. Alongside dried rose heads to help customers visualise the natural ingredients used in the product.

Things I Did Differently This Time

I made some changes to my stall this time round which I was really happy about. A couple of jars to display containing raw frankincense and myrrh, for example. Customers commented that they find it really interesting to see the actual ingredients that go into their purchases. I also had a few authentic dried rose heads to display near products containing rose oil. You see! It’s all these little extra touches that have gradually built my overall stall display to a level I’m super proud of. More importantly – you, my adored customers, enjoy the experience!

Cherry Essentials at The Unlimited Wellbeing Show 2019

See that little jar? That’s got raw frankincense in it…mmm it smells so intriguing!