Its no secret I love moisturising. I moisturise head to toe after every shower and it’s just something I’ve always done, since I was a kid. It used to be a right chore and I resented having dry skin. Now, moisturising is happily scheduled in on autopilot after every shower! I identified it as something kind I do for myself every day. A self-care ritual. The benefits of practising self-care rituals like this on a regular basis are huge. Let me tell you about some of the benefits of moisturising that you might not have considered…


1. It’s vitalising!

Moisturising head to toe doesn’t just get you moving and bending around; touching your toes and reaching for your back, (which encourages blood flow and increases the heart rate) – it can also help to stimulate the lymphatic drainage system (which assists the body in expelling toxins from the body). By massaging the lymph nodes, you are basically helping to release toxins that have essentially been stored in the body and releasing them means they reach the bloodstream where they can be dissipated by the body’s immune system. Detoxifying the body results in a healthier, happier you!


2. Promotes self-worth

It’s important to celebrate your body at your own touch. Take time to nurture yourself and your skin, you might find that moisturising yourself head to toe is an effective act of self-care and compassion. Many people think it is a great way to show your body some TLC and keep in touch with how all the different parts of you are getting on.


3. Reduces stress

Moisturising your whole body after every shower makes for an easy, effective way to instantly relax and feel better. Because touch, is of course, a powerful thing. In many ways, it’s how we bond and communicate with each other. But further to this, research has shown how important self-touch is. It can have a calming effect on the mind and body. It helps us to feel comfortable in our bodies, and in being tactile with others.


4. Benefits for the skin

Moisturising helps prevent and treat dry skin, it helps to protect sensitive skin, can improve skin tone and texture, plus it helps to retain moisture levels necessary for healthy cell production and can protect the outer layer of the skin from harmful effects of sun, wind and other environmental factors.


5. Tames the monkey mind

Have you heard of the term, monkey mind? It’s a Buddhist term referring to the mind chatter, the inner voice, you know the one. Someone once told me “The next time your monkey mind is driving you crazy, find an activity that draws you in completely, so that all of your attention is placed on what you’re doing, and there’s no attention left over to listen to the monkey mind.” And I find that during a conscious, mindful moisturising routine, I can quieten my mind for a while, I can focus. I try to concentrate on my breathing, maybe slowing it a little, as doing so can help with the body’s natural calming down process. I take my time, enjoying the aromas of the products I’m using, and I do what feels good for me. Click here for directions on mindful self-massage.


There you have it, next time you need a little pick-me-up or you’re feeling a little stressed out, try a nice and relaxing head to toe moisturising session. If you enjoy it, why not try to make it a habit of it? Your skin will love you for it, it’ll feel so soft, the essential oils make all the products smell yummy and plus, your mind gets to take a break while your attention is on some deep breathing and self-massage.


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