Frequently Asked Questions

What grade / quality are the essential oils used at Cherry Essentials?

“A grading system, quite simply, does not exist for essential oils. It is a product of marketing and marketing alone. And if one actually spends time thinking about this it makes perfect sense. From a marketing perspective there had to be another way to market a line of essential oils other than saying ʻwe sell the best essential oils on the marketʼ which is rather boring in comparison to ʻtherapeutic gradeʼ” – Jade Shutes
Jade Shutes holds a B.A. from Simmons College (Boston, MA), a Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, and Reflexology from the Raworth College of Natural Medicine in Dorking, England, and a Diploma in Aromatherapy from the International Therapist Examining board (ITEC). She has studied with Jan Kusmirek of Fragrant Studies and has completed Part One of the Purdue University Advanced Studies of Essential Oils. Jade has taught at such facilities as Bastyr University, San Diego Hospice, Duke University Continuing Education, Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics, Seven Arrows Herb Farm and throughout the United States and Canada.
“Ancient Wisdom Oils are used by hundreds of aromatherapists. We are proud to say we never compromise on quality or purity of oils.” –
“All our essential oils are studiously selected, bought more often than not from primary sources, tested for purity and subjected to rigorous quality control standards.” –

What about the carrier oils?

Cherry uses 3 organic carrier oils. They are as follows:
Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil (prunus armeniaca)
Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil (prunus dulcis)
Cold Pressed Olive Oil (olea europaea)

Is it organic?

Wherever possible organic ingredients are selected for use in Cherry’s products and are signposted as such in the product’s information.

Can I put that on my…?

It’s really down to personal preference if you want to use a body butter on your face or vice versa. In my case I prefer to use the greasier products on my body and stick to the lighter, less viscose products for my face.

If in any doubt please check out our allergens page.

What about the blue bottles and jars?

Essential oils contain active components which, if over-exposed to light and certain plastics, may lose their potency and/or have a funny reaction and go bad. Dark or coloured glass is used to protect such a product. Also, they’re 100% recyclable and beautiful!


What is the shelf life of....?

All Cherry Essentials products are made with 100% natural plant extracts and wherever possible, organic ingredients. Although their respective shelf lives are limited, we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do and use them all up before it’s too late.


Note: for best results it is recommended that you store all Cherry Essential products in a cool, dry environment and avoid direct light.



The shelf life of a hydrosol depends on the specific botanical of the hydrosol, its pH level, the storage conditions of the hydrosol after distillation and how it’s bottled and handled.

If you manage to keep your hydrosol (mostly) refrigerated, away from heat and light and tightly capped it may last up to 2 years. An un-refrigerated hydrosol can last approximately 12 months.

Signs that your hydrosol has reached its best before date: Change in odour, unpleasant odour, growths inside the bottle.



While it is unrealistic to keep our creams and lotions refrigerated, in dark containers and away from direct light and exposure to heat at all times, it can significantly increase the shelf life of natural and preservative-free products.

Assuming a product of ours is predominantly un-refrigerated and kept in average UK climates, our body care products will maintain their shelf life for approximately 12 months to 24 months.

As with all natural produce, a little common sense will tell you when you need to replace your product: Look out for changes in odour, any unpleasant odours and growths in the oils or a dramatic change in consistency.


Massage Oils

Some massage oils can have a shelf life ranging 2-5 years. Again, it mostly depends on how the product is kept after manufacture. Try to keep your massage oils in a cool, dark place (refrigerator is great!) and try not to let any air get to it (leaving the pump lid on does the trick).

The carrier oils used at Cherry Essentials (apricot kernel and sweet almond) generally last for 12-24 months if kept un-refrigerated but in a cool and dark space. The essential oils within will not necessarily go bad but may lose their potency if exposed to oxygen, heat and light.






All Cherry Essentials orders are sent with Royal Mail Signed For™ 2nd Class. (Unless you contact Cherry Essentials and request otherwise.) Delivery via this method aims to safely deliver your purchase in two to three working days.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Cherry Essentials about your shipping requirements. In any case all efforts can be taken at cost to deliver earlier than stated according to available courier options etc.




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